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The Nancy Animal
Welfare Fund

In memoriam of our dear employee, friend and coworker Nancy Corbo.

The Nancy Fund

Nancy was instrumental in the opening and success of Value Pet Vet in Norwalk and Value Pet Vet of Monroe. She kept our offices up and running from day one and kept the staff on their toes as Office Manager & Rescue Coordinator.

Nancy gave up her career as a graphic artist to pursue her passion in animal rescue and care, which she practiced fervently her whole adult life, having cared for and rescued hundreds of animals.

She worked closely with many different local rescue organizations and volunteered in many different capacities.

Sadly, Nancy was diagnosed with cancer in 2021. She fought hard and refused to take any days off from her work here at Value Pet Vet. She would insist that coming in and seeing new kittens, puppies & sick pets getting the care they needed, kept her going until the end.
She was a one of a kind soul. Quick wit and a smile on her face was how she lived every day.

Before Nancy’s passing she was certain to ensure that her pets went to the best homes and would be well cared for. They were her children.

Nancy passed in 2022, leaving behind her fur babies, Sydney and Tashi and many cats, as well as many furry clients, rescues and friends.

Dr. Lawendy adored Nancy and recognized her passion and dedication to helping animals. Nancy often would pay veterinary bills for those that could not afford the care their pet needed.

Her gracious efforts always were unknown.

We have created The Nancy Fund, along with the hearts of many staff members who miss her dearly.

Please consider donating to The Nancy Fund, a 501(C)3 organization dedicated to helping animals in need of veterinary care.

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